Mission Statement

images2Environmental & Societal Development Foundation (ESDF) feels that it has a broad base of expertise, skill, experience and networks which urgently require reflection in climate governance in Pakistan. Possible ways of involvement include the following.

  • Putting into service all relevant environmental laws, in particular arranging educational and public awareness plans on climate change and its impact; providing community access to information; making possible public involvement and developing adequate responses.
  • Monitoring and evaluating national and local policies for climate change and sustainable development. ESDF can give significant feedback on the effectiveness of national and local strategies through monitoring and evaluation of policies according to agreed indicators.
  • Decision- and policy-making. ESDF sees its participation in decision-making as significant as it feels it can better mirror social factors in the implementation of the environmental laws. In particular, it has expertise which could be incorporated in the development of new national energy strategies. It can contribute to technology transfer projects as it feels that it can better integrate social aspects of the project, and thus promote its success.
  • ESDF can also provide important inputs into draft national official documents by presenting structure of gathering data on industries in coordination with the environment ministry and other government line departments through utilizing new models to arrive at figures and making the present structure more integrated so that it becomes easier in the future to implement holistic approaches to emission reduction. Regulation and enforcement may also become easy, and conflicts of interest could lessen.
  • ESDF has programs to form Sustainable Environment Clubs in all educational institutions to help in laying the foundation for achieving sustainable development lifestyle.
  • ESDF can adopt inter-sector approach to emission reduction across the main areas: industry, transportation and consumer lifestyles. It shall apportion reduction limits as appropriate for these and other sectors, and shall help the environment departments to enforce as appropriate.

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