Message of President/Executive Director Posted May 4, 2014 by techcir


It is a great honor and privilege for me to stand and set out on the journey of Environmental and Societal Development Foundation(ESDF)®, societal betterment, serving the ailing and privileged segments of the society, every monstrous challenge dwarfed, thanks to the most wonderful my colleagues and friends for their never ending help and support for me and my organization(Environmental and Societal Development Foundation (ESDF), which enabled me always galvanized, electrified me, and set me in constant motion and in action towards betterment of the community and societal development in every aspects of life.

I decided to embark on the odyssey of serving the ailing and underprivileged segments of the society. Little did I—as much those around me —know that each step of this journey was beset by challenges and conundrum.

With our tireless efforts on behalf of our Organization Environmental and Societal Development Foundation®, we expanded the provision of essential services in Environmental Conservation, Environmental sustainability, sustainable development,awareness,education, health, social safety, protection of fundamental human rights, child care, Prevention of drugs abuse, women empowerment, gender equality and many more.

But besides all these countless efforts towards better tomorrow for the deprived community of the World it is dire need of the hour to show engagement of a wide range of partners, business community, traditional donors; emerging economies; and the world of business to put collective efforts for betterment of tomorrow for the deprived and poor communities of the World and make this Planet Earth Green, Clean and pollution free.

As you all know that currently the whole World is facing severe challenges and conundrums. Today the Globe is facing the challenges of Climate change, which is one of the most fundamental threats ever to confront humankind. It exacerbates all of the problems we face, including poverty, hunger, disease, and insecurity. It impedes progress toward sustainable development, sustainable consumption and production and Millennium Development Goals. Climate change is also deepens the food and energy crises around the World.

It is dire need of the hour to build a culture of prevention and to develop a spirit of global cooperation to address the Global challenges and core issues for well being and betterment of our Global Society especially through a strong and active civil society and NGO sector.

It is true time to put tireless efforts to integrate the social dimension of sustainable development into strategies for environmental protection, climate change and other societal issues. This is also a true time to realize the role and responsibilities of civil society and NGO sector to integrate their actions towards well being of mankind and betterment of the society.

Civil society plays a key role in fostering stability, security and respect for human rights, peace, and sustainable development, while nongovernmental actors are safe legal space to contribute to the well being and betterment of society.

Environmental and Societal Development Foundation (ESDF) Pakistan is committed, dedicated and loyal organization which is working hard for serving the ailing community without any discrimination.ESDF has aimed to achieve the UN MDGs and support the charter and mandate of United Nations for the betterment of the mankind.

Our work is possible thanks to the tremendous and remarkable support and dedication of our donors and local partners. We recognize that challenges abound as we close the first decade of the 21st Century, but we look forward to our continued work together to create a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. I also appeal to the philanthropists, donors and well off people to contribute generously to Environmental and Societal Development Foundation (ESDF) ®.


Muhammad Kabir

President/Executive Director

Environmental and Societal Development Foundation (ESDF)