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Environmental & Societal Development Foundation (ESDF) is a registered Non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-discriminatory organization. It is registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Registration and Control Ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961) having Registration No. SDO/SW and BM/RWP/2013-0203.

Environmental & Societal Development Foundation (ESDF) is working towards the welfare of humanity irrespective of caste, color, race and creed. ESDF is a centre of excellence supporting and working hand in hand with its partners for environmental conservation, sustainable development, climate change promotion of green economy, biodiversity, greening the earth along with societal development.

ESDF is the voice for the environment within the community and it acts as a catalyst to address, advocate, educate, aware and facilitates and promotes the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment along with the societal issues and challenges.

ESDF is organization whose purpose is to work towards sustainable development, environmental conservation and societal development. We have a committed team of experts’ volunteers who are working to ensure to work collectively with all stakeholders to make the Earth Clean, Green, and Pollution free. ESDF is also working on the societal based challenges and issues with full commitment.

ESDF looks forward to working with you and believes that your support will much enhance the difference we can save the lives of next generation by ensuring sustainable future for them and to eliminate societal based challenges and issues at maximum level.

ESDF is an NGO which aimed to serve as a centre of excellence that campaigns for the elimination of pollutants, and provides vital support to community through networks of organizations, individuals, government and its line departments, and all related stakeholders by sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practices.

We believe in the equality of all people. We help people to help themselves, Fostering applicable knowledge, skills and awareness.
ESDF is working with local partners to ensure sustainable, positive change. We work to the highest standards. Ensuring a high quality in everything we do. Addressing challenges and opportunities promptly and bringing an integrated approach to our work is ESDF’s pivotal theme. We can achieve more by working together and sharing on-going positive sense of purpose. Respecting confidentiality and other people’s work is the core element of the organization. ESDF looks forward to work with local, national, regional and international partners to ensure environmental and societal development.

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