Executive Body

Saqib Saeed Abbasi(Director International Coordination)

Saqib Saeed Abbasi is one of the energetic,well versed and educated member of the organization.He has remarkable contribution towards educating the masses not only in the field of environmental awareness and education,but also a lead trainer.He is currently rendered his services for ESDF as a Director International Coordination.

He devoted his aimed his life to serve the ailing and underprivileged segments of the society.He worked a lot to educate the masses in environmental and societal development.He is an asset for ESDF.Saqib Saeed Director International Coordination

Mian Kashif Zaman( General Secretary)

Mian Kashif Zaman is well groomed and an educated individual working for Environmental and Societal Development Foundation(ESDF) from the inception of the organization.He have done his  Master in Political Science and also earned his degree of M.A History.

Kashif has a passion of work for the Sustainable Development of Environment and also work for poor community of the society.He renders his services for the betterment of community mobilizing and developing networks to address the  societal issues together.Mian Kashif Zaman

Zulfiqar Ali( Finance Secretary)

Zulfiqar Ali is a working as Secretary Finance with ESDF.he is educated and an honest member of the organisation.He worked very efficiently and affectionately for ESDF.

Zulfiqar Ali Secretary Finance


Asad Shoaib is one of the social activist and an educated person.He has earned his Mphil degree in Development Economics.He served several organisations.he has wide experience of NGOs sector.He joined ESDF as a Director Advocacy & Planning.He is well motivated to Enlighten the contemporary issues of the youth in particular and society in general.

He is Developing plans and strategies to counter  environmental and and societal issues.He is Engaging Youth in different programs based on the values of tolerance, co-existence and pluralism.He is Coordinating on events and conferences planning.Collaborating with different organizations on events.Covering media and communications activities.Organizing youth activities.

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Sabeen Khan(Vice President)

Sabeen Khan  is one of the most active  member of  Environmental and Societal Development Foundation (ESDF).  She is a precious asset of this organization. She is a social activist and putting her efforts for betterment of community. She has done her M.Sc in Mass Communication and she is having a lot of experience in this sector. She is also working hard to spread awareness in women and young generation  about different societal aspects.



Azhar Choudhry( Coordinator)

Azhar Choudhry is one of the asset for this organization.he is dedicated,and committed individual.Azhar is working for underprivileged and marginalized segments of the society.


Saira Tareen

Saira Tareen is highly self-motivated pro-active and an educated professional. She joined Environmental and Societal Development Foundation (ESDF) as youth advisor on Sustainable Development. She has done his MBA in marketing and have sound professional background.

Her responsibilities to inform young people about the importance of environmental and societal development. She also actively organized the youth related events to mobilize the youth for conservation of nature. She is an enthusiast to make The Earth clean green and environment free place to live.

She also facilitate youth input in local, national, regional and international environmental fora through advocating the youth for the change agent for sustainable development. She also renders her professional services for UFONE and Nominated from Management for up selling team and come up with new selling ideas of the products and show excellent result over all. Also nominated as best seller in up selling team.