Plans and Projects

A- Fighting climate change impact on the environment and socio-economic status of populations, especially in water resources, disasters management, agriculture and food security, human health, terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity and coastal zones.

Reversing the loss of environmental resources, partnering with communities to complete physical infrastructure projects, including building of sustainable and safe drinking water systems with delay action dams, hand pumps and tube wells, link roads, solid waste disposal, irrigation projects and agricultural pest management, Drainage/Sanitation, Water Tanks, Latrines, Tree Plantation, Street Pavements, Culverts/Bridges

  • Improving the green space generally known as Green Economy by,
  • Promoting the health and well-being of the residents of the area and working together as residents regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, gender, belief or political affiliation.
  • Involving local people in improving the area.
  • Carrying out and promoting both environmental improvement and practical conservation, educating, encouraging and supporting the local population in environmental practice by working with statutory and non statutory agencies.
  • Promoting sports, community recreation and play facilities.
  • Raise funds and receiving contributions where appropriate to finance the work.
  • Publicizing and promoting the work.
  • Organizing meetings, training courses and events.
  • Working with similar groups and exchange information and advice with them.
  • Taking any action that is lawful, which would help it to fulfill its aims.

B-Empowering local communities at the grass roots level and equipping individuals with the tools and resources needed to achieve and sustain a desired sustainable quality of life.

C-Working towards a common goal

D-Mobilizing community socially with active participation from local institutions, leaders, community groups, and residents by,

  • Forming Development Organizations
  • Forming Village Development Organizations
  • Forming Union Council Development Organizations
  • Organizing Manager Conferences
  • Conducting Managerial Skill Development Trainings
  • Conducting Staff Trainings.
  • Establishing Cotton industry for women empowerment

E-Transforming lives of individuals to identify their own problems and providing them with the tools to recognize their potential and make better use of the available resources thus elevating their quality of life

F-Empowering communities through delivery of micro-finance and micro-credit programs to provide both financial resources and skills needed for people to earn a sufficient living.

G-Encouraging a greater contribution by women in economic activities\H-Educating individuals about enhancing productivity in agriculture and livestock through raising awareness, use of research and modern technology and best practices

I-Targeting underprivileged and impoverished communities with an income level below the national poverty line to improve their technical skills and expand small enterprises through micro-finance and joint ventures by,

  • Launching Joint Ventures with Individuals & Development Organizations/Groups
  • Providing Micro-finance Services
  • Developing Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Establishing Vocational Training Centers & Computer Centers
  • Conducting Technical and Vocational Skills Trainings, Poultry Farming Trainings, Trainings & Workshops on best practices in Agriculture and Livestock and Business Management Skills Trainings
  • Working with government line departments for betterment of the community.

J-Building new schools to instill love of learning amongst children for providing local residents with the training, tools and skills to actively engage parents in school activities by,

  • Establishing and Maintaining Non-Formal Schools & Formal Schools
  • Conducting Student Enrollment campaigns
  • Establishing Elementary & Secondary Schools
  • Formation of PTAs
  • Offering Adult Literacy Courses
  • Providing Teacher Training Courses

K-Reducing mortality rates for at-risk individuals, improving general health behaviors through education and understanding, preventative to curative health care, immunizations of children and pregnant women, treatment of injuries and illness, and school heath programs.

Preventive Healthcare

A. Health Education through Lady Health Workers

  • On Family Planning
  • On personal hygiene, safe drinking water, sanitation and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and major diseases

B. Maternal Care

  • Immunization of women of reproductive ages against tetanus
  • Antenatal care for pregnant women
  • Training of birth attendants to ensure safe deliveries
  • Postnatal care

C. Child Care

  • Educate parents about importance and provision of immunization of children against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis and measles

Growth monitoring of children under five

Curative Healthcare

Establishing Community Health Centers and Mobile Health Units staffed by a physician, lady health worker, dispenser and a midwife. These centers are to be used for:

  1. First referral facility for identified high-risk cases
  2. Curative facility to treat basic illnesses
  3. Provision of curative services through Medical Camps

Launching of Ambulance Service

ESDF will also launch Ambulance Services for destitute and downtrodden community of the country, while ambulance will also work in the emergency situations.

School Health Program

Twelve-monthly medical check-up of all students

Hearing, vision screening and vaccination of children against common communicable diseases are our primary objectives.

Women Empowerment and Voice Enhancement

Acid Throwing

The victims of domestic and acid throwing in Pakistan are overwhelmingly women, and attackers often target the head and face in order to maim, disfigure and blind. The act rarely kills but causes severe physical, psychological and social scarring, and victims are often left with no legal recourse, limited access to medical or psychological assistance, and without the means to support themselves. Domestic an Acid violence is a worldwide phenomenon that is not restricted to a particular race, religion or geographical location.

Women Empowerment & Voice Enhancement campaign’s sole purpose is to work towards the end of violence against women and girls and acid violence across Pakistan. It also works with UN agencies, NGOs and strategic partners from across the world to increase awareness of end of violence against women and girls along with acid violence and develop effective responses at the national level.

The purpose of this initiative is to help women and girls those are victims of violence where assistance is not available. We do this through research and awareness raising initiatives at national level, and through training and capacity building programs that develop local medical expertise and skills to provide relief to the victims with the support they need to rebuild their lives. This campaign is also providing relief in psychological trauma, and enables the victims of violence to rebuild their lives when provided with the support they need.

Rehabilitation of Violence Victims

ESDF intends to look after the Violence against women and girls victims until the time they are fully rehabilitated. For this purpose, it will form a cell to deal with such cases.

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