To launch a non-political, non-profit campaign for visible social change through Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to address challenges in the areas of:

  • Climate change/environment, sustainable development, forest, water resources, agriculture, food security, human health.
  • Terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity and coastal zones, rural & urban regeneration, management & recycling of waste, natural disasters, environmental sustainability, green economy, management of climate change.
  •  Search on a wide range of biophysical, economic and social themes, agro-biodiversity as an instrument for climate change adaptation.
  •  Feasibility studies, market assessments and legal reviews, financial flows into climate change solutions.
  • Environmental conservation and promotion, renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  •  Saving energy and minimizing the use of non-renewable resources, gender equality & women empowerment.
  • Drug abuse, human rights, disabled/special persons, poverty & hunger eradication, quality education, universal primary education, elementary & secondary education.
  • Healthcare, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS malaria & other major diseases.
  •  Developing sustainable community based organizations, sport, cultural, economic and youth development programs and above all legislation.
  • Implementation of ESDF objectives.


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